Shingle Hill is a highly specialized boutique consultancy.

Shingle Hill is a highly specialized boutique consultancy, specializing in providing cannabis-based businesses and investors with the tools they need to achieve their full potential.

Its founder Robert Hunt is among the most senior cannabis industry experts in the world, and his co founder Jake Schrader has been active in the field since 2012 as well. As attorneys, operators, investors, officers, and directors of cannabis-based businesses, they have added significant value to every vehicle in which they have been involved. Together and separately, they have had successful exits from many of these ventures. They have now joined forces to focus on leveraging their years of industry experience to create value for others in the industry, both operators and investors alike.

The legislative and regulatory landscape for cannabis evolves rapidly on a local, regional and National level. Making informed decisions that allow one to safely navigate through the cannabis industry requires high-level market intelligence. This is where Shingle Hill excels. From a macro and micro perspective, we know how the puzzle fits together.


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